February 26, 2014
The translation of John in Jalunga is complete after two Jalunga men helped Penny Warner ensure that it will be clear to their people. Now the process starts again as Penny Warner works on Luke. Pray that a final check of John goes well, and pray for good progress and high-quality work on Luke. Read Full Story
July 3, 2013
Frank Brearley's return to Africa to train missionaries was brightened by reunions with men he discipled years ago when he served as a missionary there. Praise God for His faithful work in the lives of those who trust Him. Read Full Story
February 28, 2013
Generous gifts from God's people provided the funds needed for a training program to teach Africans to effectively reach unreached African people groups. Pray that the love and cooperation evidenced by missionaries with African pastors and the African church will exemplify the body of Christ working together for His glory. Read Full Story
February 21, 2013
Michael and Nancy Dore and their family were welcomed recently to their new home in Senegal. And there are a lot of adjustments for them to make. Pray that God will give Michael and Nancy and their family strength and grace to live out His love as they spend five to six months in French language study. Read Full Story
January 14, 2013
Hundreds of people converged on Musa’s house for a 24-hour party to celebrate his being ordained as the first “official pastor” in the region. Please pray today that Musa and the other believers speak the Word of God with authority and clarity and that many hearts are turned to God. Read Full Story
December 13, 2012
A Serere-Sine believer has been teaching a number of Saafi-Saafi religious leaders in Senegal. Missionaries and Senegalese Christians have invested 20 years of labor into giving the gospel message to the Saafi-Saafi people. Pray with us that God will reap a harvest of dedicated believers who want to reach out to others with the Good News. Read Full Story
November 15, 2012
Missionary Eric Stottlemeyer talked with some of the elders in the village where he lives concerning the desire to begin teaching God’s Word. “Their response was such an encouragement,” wrote Bible translator Liv Poulsen. “They are excited about hearing the truth of God’s Word in their language.” Pray that God's Word works powerful in the hearts of the Badyarankes. Read Full Story
October 4, 2012
After many years, the Badyaranke people will soon hear the gospel message. Firm Foundations Bible lessons will begin in October. Pray that the Badyaranke people will be open to the Gospel. Pray too for the Badyaranke missionary team. Read Full Story
July 30, 2012
Several Jalunga people have begun listening to teaching by missionary Aaron Hefner. Pray that those who are listening to the Firm Foundation Bible lessons will understand and accept the message that Christ died for them. Pray too for Aaron as he builds a new home for his family. Read Full Story
June 13, 2012
Pray for Angie Kaeselau as she builds friendships and assimilates the local culture in Senegal, as well as working hard on her language studies. Pray that God will give her boldness as she interacts with new people and practices a new language for His glory. Read Full Story
May 23, 2012
Missionaries Joel and Andi McMartin are getting their first taste of rural life in West Africa, after spending six months in the capital city of Senegal learning the French language. Pray for the McMartins as they bond with the host family who has agreed to sponsor them. Pray too for their relationships with the small church they attend. Read Full Story
May 7, 2012
Pray for God's direction, provision, protection and encouragement on Robert and Amanda Kay and their family as they prepare to move into a new ministry. Please pray for safety and governmental stability. Pray that God will open doors for ministry to the Bolon people and will draw many to Christ through building relationships that will open the way to sharing the Gospel with them. Read Full Story
March 27, 2012
Shawn and Jenn De Atley are working with others to distribute gift boxes to children. Please pray that these boxes packed with special gifts will not just be joy for needy children, but also opportunities for the Gospel to reach into hearts. Read Full Story
March 6, 2012
Missionary Jen Rabe is living among the Diola people to learn the culture and language. Pray for Jen as she studies the culture and language. “Please pray for this village," wrote Jen. “For the past few weeks, they’ve been having several animistic ceremonies. ... Pray that God would grow their interest. Pray for wisdom for us as well.” Read Full Story
February 10, 2012
Missionary Ken Satorius traveled to West Africa to check Bible lesson material for 1 and 2 Peter. Several Budik believers helped him. Pray that they will be able to convey Bible truths. Read Full Story
January 23, 2012
A new car for missionaries Daniel and Stephanie Dias became a blessing for Guinean missionaries. After helping the team in Guinea to further their ministry, Stephanie and Daniel began preparing their vehicle for a trip through West Africa to visit villages that need a Gospel outreach. Pray for Stephanie and Daniel as they travel through West Africa and as they help missionaries to further their efforts to reach people with the Gospel. Read Full Story
October 20, 2011
On Sunday the members of L’Eglise Baptiste de la Grace, Grace Baptist Church, in West Africa were delighted to carry out their third missionary commissioning service. The church is now faithfully committed to faithful prayer and giving to three missionaries. Pray for the three families as they look to God for His provision for their ministry. Pray for the members and pastors L’Eglise Baptiste de la Grace as they take on this new adventure. Read Full Story
October 20, 2011
Joel and Andi McMartin are rapidly learning French in preparation for ministry in Senegal. “Over the past 3 days I have learned 196 new words in French,” Joel wrote. “Only two words come to mind in English: mental exhaustion. … We are supposed to average 50 new words a day. That aggressive pace that will keep us working hard.” Pray that they are able to keep up with the pace. Read Full Story
October 11, 2011
Penny Warner checked Liv Poulsen’s work last month and gave her the go-ahead to continue on Bible translation. “I am now working on the first chapters in Genesis and Exodus and other portions of scriptures that are needed for the Bible teaching,” Liv wrote. Liv’s co-worker Eric Stottlemyer is working on the lessons, and Eric’s sister Rebecca is helping Liv with translation and Eric with lessons. Pray that the team works well together so evangelistic Bible lessons can begin early in 2012. Read Full Story
October 3, 2011
Ken Satorius, in Senegal to check translation of Scripture and Bible lessons in Buduk, hurt his arm and hip when he slipped off the tailgate of a truck. Although Ken’s been housebound, “Budik friends and believers have been by to see him,” wrote Ken’s wife, Kathy. “The believers’ meetings are held at our house, and he’s also had a men’s meeting there with the church leaders and others interested. Praise the Lord with us for all He continues to do in spite of Ken’s immobility.” Read Full Story