April 18, 2014
Rachel Searcy has been working on the Punan Bible translation for seven years. and together with her Punan co-workers has completed 30 percent of the New Testament, as well as Genesis and other Old Testament portions needed for evangelistic Bible lessons. Pray for Rachel and the entire Punan Bible translation team as they diligently and faithfully work to bring a clear, accurate translation of God’s Word to the Punan people. Read Full Story
April 15, 2014
Mike and Cher Riepma say that it is hard to be torn away from a church fellowship un the USA where their souls were fed “through great Bible teaching and fellowship.” Especially since it means returning to hardships and difficulty in their ministry in a remote village. But they are motivated by seeing the need and seeing God at work on that need. Pray for strength and encouragement for Mike and Cher. Read Full Story
April 10, 2014
Kevin and Wendy Case are praying that completing the New Testament in the Northern Tepehuan language will help the church develop a sense of community among the isolated, independent and suspicious people. They have completed 80 percent of the translation, and Hebrews will be checked next week. Pray that the check uncovers any problems so the Tepehuans can have an accurate translation. Read Full Story
April 7, 2014
Scott and Natasha Flaugher are hard at working understanding how the Elseng people think and learning their language, because they have an important message for them. Pray that Scott and Natasha will remain faithful and diligent as they study the Elseng culture and language. Read Full Story
April 4, 2014

Susie Locklin has long heard stories of the hardships and persecution faced by new believers. Only now, these are not just stories of people in faraway lands. They're the stories of her friends and neighbors. Pray for strength for these believers, and for wisdom for Susie as she encourages them.

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March 20, 2014
Mike and Cher Riepma are concerned by the number of young Ese Ejja men who have turned away from the Bible teaching they heard as children. Yet they know God is in control and the truth will prevail. Pray for encouragement for the Riepmas, and pray that God puts the young men in situations that remind them of His truth and goodness. Read Full Story
March 19, 2014
Being a missionary on a remote island in the South Pacific can be a lot of hard work. It can be beautiful. And it can also be downright bizarre, Julie Martin shares. Julie asks for prayer for encouragement and strength as she and her family work to build up the Akolet believers. Read Full Story
March 14, 2014
Sara Royer says she and her husband, Andy, are learning a lot from the Brazilian students they came to teach in Bible school. "I get tears thinking about why these students are here. They have all left their homes and families. The world may think they’re crazy to leave financial stability and comforts,” Sara shares. “But when we stand before the One Who gave it all, I don’t see any of us wishing we had held back.” Praise God for His work in hearts that makes people willing to serve Him, whatever the cost. Read Full Story
March 13, 2014
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March 12, 2014
There is a real need for an NTM missionary aviation program in Brazil. And Charlie and Ruth Patton have been working for years to make it happen. But many obstacles are still ahead. “Our faith cannot be in an expected outcome, but in God Himself,” missionary aircraft mechanic Joel Rich added as he and Charlie discussed the delays. “God’s timing is not the same as ours, but He is still in control.” Pray for God's perfect timing, and for patience and perseverance for Charlie and Ruth. Read Full Story
March 10, 2014
Elijah and Moira Hall are thrilled to finally be living closer to the Mbya people. This will make it easier to learn their culture and language, and therefore to minister to them. Pray that their living arrangement works well and is an asset to their ministry. Read Full Story
March 7, 2014
Months of preparation for a wedding kept many people busy for months in the village where Porter Hampton lives. In addition to being a social gathering, it was also a time to settle debts. And altogether, it lasted eight days. Pray for the newly married couple, and pray that God hastens the day when His truth transforms Nagi lives and marriages. Read Full Story
March 5, 2014
Missionaries who are studying culture and language are learning much more than how to translate words. They also need to understand how those words fit together into sentences, and sentences into stories -- and into different types of stories. Pray for missionaries like Michael Hutteman who are learning to ask themselves important questions in order to translate clearly. Read Full Story
March 3, 2014
For the children of missionaries, having a “third culture” background is a wonderful gift, according to Patrick Eggleton. "They just need to learn how to live with and appreciate that gift,” he shares. “Please pray for missionary families you know." Pray for wisdom for them to understand well and meet the needs of their children. Read Full Story
February 28, 2014
For Aimee Hedrick, serving in a remote village among the Tigak people means a lot of sacrifices -- but hardships that are worth it to be involved in bringing God's message and sharing the eternal, abundant life that He offers. Pray that God daily ministers encouragement to Aimee's heart. Read Full Story

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