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September 14, 2014

Prayer Points For This Week

  • Monday: At New Tribes Bible Institute, students experience the passion God has for the world. NTBI instructors share this passion as students prepare to be Christ’s ambassadors wherever God takes them. It is a place where Bible education and missions are one. Pray for the instructors as they seek to pass on their knowledge, and for the students as they respond. Read more …
  • Tuesday: If you were dropped off in a remote land today and told to plant a church among an unreached tribe, would you know where to start? Most likely it would be quite a challenge. That’s why the Missionary Training Center takes time to prepare individuals for life as tribal church planters. Sending missionaries off with a full toolbox, including how to begin documenting an unknown culture and language, helps missionaries serve more effectively once they arrive overseas. Pray for those in training to grow in wisdom and understanding so that they can be effective ministers of the gospel. Read more …
  • Wednesday: Training is more than just academics. It is also highly practical. The student is taught about solar power, water purification, basic medical procedures and even plumbing. These skills are a great asset when an individual or family makes the move to a remote village. Pray for the candidates as they absorb their training. For some, adopting the new skills comes naturally; for others, it’s a stretch. Read more … and Tech Training pictures ...
  • Thursday: Missionaries-in-training Ryan and Kirsten Kurvits write of their “jungle camp” experience. “As part of the training … we spent two weeks building ‘homes’ that we would live in for four weeks. We were only allowed to use wood poles, plastic, twine, duct tape, and hand drilling for the construction of our house. This … does not mean that we will be living in plastic houses when we go overseas, but to simulate living in a totally different environment.” Pray for the students openness and flexibility as they face new and challenging situations throughout the training program. Read more …
  • Friday: Growth doesn’t stop just because the missionary graduated. Even after arrival on the field, continued training is necessary, and the NTM missionary receives it. This comes in a variety of ways, from seminars and training sessions to guidance from experienced missionaries and consultant visits. Please pray for missionaries as they continue to be lifelong learners. Read more …
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September 7, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: Translator Rachel Chapman in Mexico was trying to express something new in Nahuatl, but her first attempt brought a funny look to her translation helper’s face. Instead of saying “God looked favorably on man,” Rachel had said, “God ate the man.” Failing to pronounce one “h” changed the meaning greatly. Pray for NTM translators. Read more …
  • Tuesday: Missionaries Lance and Laura Ostman have made three trips back to the Philippines since transitioning to the USA. They continue to work on the Old Testament translation from their US home. Pray for Lance as he works on the first draft of Isaiah. Read more …
  • Wednesday: “This time we are privileged to be a part of helping do some flights for a Bible dedication,” write missionaries Joel and Missy Davis in the Philippines. Seeing the translation become a printed Bible is a monumental moment for both missionaries and tribal believers alike. Pray for the upcoming Bible dedications. Read more …
  • Thursday: As he held his brand new Palawano New Testament in his hand and wiped tears from his eyes, Abil, one of the church leaders, testified, “This book is a treasure to us worth more than gold or money. We are so thankful to our white uncle that God sent to us to bring us God’s Word in our own language so that now we can read it and understand it for ourselves.” Pray for the Palawano church in the Philippines. Read more …
  • Friday: Rachel Searcy, missionary to the Punan people in the Asia-Pacific region, has been translating the Punan Bible for seven years now. “We have 30 percent of the New Testament and Genesis,” she writes, “as well as the portions needed for the first phase of chronological Bible lessons.” Pray for Rachel, and the entire Punan Bible translation team, as they continue working to bring a clear and accurate translation to the Punan people. Read more …
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September 4, 2014

It seems like just days ago that the news came—a Kodiak for Papua New Guinea!

And now, just four months later—Kodiak #2 for Papua New Guinea! It comes with the purchase price paid and many extras included. By the end of September, Kodiak #2 could be at NTM Aviation headquarters in McNeal, AZ, and Kodiak #1 could be on its way to Papua New Guinea!

God has provided once again through His people to furnish this new Kodiak. What a tool it will be to sustain missionary teams in harsh regions as they bring Christ to tribal villages!

You can almost hear the sigh of relief coming from tribal teams who only get supplies every three months. Right now, “with limited pilots and aircraft it’s hard to reach everyone,” says Adie Leedahl. Her husband, NTMA pilot Jon Leedahl, recently flew his first round of supply routes on West New Britain island as part of his Kodiak training on location in Papua New Guinea.

With Jon ready to fly when the first Kodiak arrives, the supply situation should ease up. “Every translator or church planter who Jon has flown has said that they are so thankful for [his] coming!” says Adie.

It’s not a surprise that missionaries are glad the Kodiak fleet of three is 2/3 reality! Besides carrying supplies, the Kodiak can also do medevacs, bringing great peace of mind to missionary families living in remote areas. To the most outlying locations where NTM serves, the Kodiak could make an emergency round trip flight without refueling. For critical medical cases, it can make the over-water flight to Australia.

Don’t stop praying for the Kodiaks to be positioned as lifelines to bring the gospel to remote tribes. Kodiak #1 is nearing its final stages of preparation. Kodiak #2 will need all the same outfitting – the HF radio, satellite tracking system, other equipment and tools, ferry flight, and paperwork—and finances to cover all those items.

Just as God is providing for the final costs of Kodiak #1, we are confident that He will do the same for Kodiak #2. It is clear that He wants isolated people to meet Him, and He is providing the transportation for it to happen!

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August 30, 2014

Mt. Tavurur in Papua New Guinea, near Rabaul, erupted on Friday, August 29th local time. We have been monitoring that situation closely. NTM does not have any members who are in danger from this eruption, but we ask for prayer for the local citizens who are affected. Local news sources are saying that there are no reports of injuries, but the ash will be a problem for some. We are continuing to monitor the area. Thank you for joining us in prayer for the people of that region.

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August 27, 2014

All New Tribes Mission USA personnel in Liberia and Guinea are leaving those countries as soon as flights are available because of the Ebola epidemic there.

NTM made this decision because of the increasing difficulty of transiting out of those countries. Some airlines have suspended service to the region and remaining flights are filling. Some countries are closing their borders.

This was a difficult decision that required balancing the safety of NTM personnel against the needs of the people with whom they work and was only made after a process of monitoring the situation for many weeks. Most of our families are in these countries with their children and are also not performing intensive medical services, so their presence there could become a detriment to critical healthcare teams if the crisis escalates.

Liberia and Guinea are the only countries affected by the Ebola epidemic where NTM currently has personnel.

We are closely monitoring the spread of this disease and the safety and effectiveness of our members in other nearby countries.

We would appreciate your prayer for our families in transition as a result of these decisions and also for the people of Guinea and Liberia who are dealing with the Ebola crisis.

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August 24, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: Associates bring skill and experience to our NTM team. They serve six months to four years. Associates fill many vital roles on the church-planting team, such as IT professionals, construction specialists, accountants, administrators and more. Pray for more people to give six months to four years to serve God as associate missionaries -- and ask Him whether you should be one of them. Read more …
  • Tuesday: Robyn Green found a great fit for her skills as a science and math teacher with an opportunity to serve in Papua New Guinea through NTM’s Associate program. Associate teachers are asked to serve a minimum of one year. Pray for our current associates teachers. Read more …
  • Wednesday: “We’re getting ready to put most of our household into storage and get it ready for moving to Florida,” wrote associates Jerry and April Lehman. Making the move from homeowners to renters is a sacrifice, but one Jerry and April are willing to make. They have been challenged with the reality that there are still many beyond the reach of the gospel message -- and encouraged that God can use their background in graphic design and business communications to be part of the church-planting team.  Pray for the Lehmans as they join the communications team. Read more …
  • Thursday: When you think missionary, does your mind automatically go to the church planter or Bible translator? Maybe so. That is the end goal. But missionaries also make up the support backbone that keeps the church planter and translator in the village. Many of these roles are filled by faithful associates.  Pray for both our career and associate missionaries. They are all vital members of the team. Read more …
  • Friday: “We’re both missionary kids,” wrote John and Amber Adams, associates with New Tribes Mission. “Both of us have known for a long time that we would be involved in some way with sharing God’s love around the world. Long before we met each other, we each became teachers with the idea of using those skills overseas. Now we’re living that dream as missionary teachers in Papua New Guinea. It was an exciting adventure getting to this point.” Pray for John and Amber as they continue this adventure with God. Read more …
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August 17, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: “We were thankful and amazed to learn recently that there are eleven Manubu’ men from various Manubu’ churches who are training to become Bible teachers,” write missionaries Gene and Carol Trudeau from the Philippines. “Dani, a Manubu’ Bible teacher in the lowlands, is training five of them.” Pray for these tribal teachers who are now teaching faithful men to teach! Read more …
  • Tuesday: An inductive Bible study course has begun with the Mengen people, with the goal of preparing the Mengen believers to study God’s Word on their own. “This will be a huge step for them as it’d been drilled into them that the Bible is a forbidden book -- something that they can’t study for themselves,” write missionaries Lourens and Marie Laureti from Papua New Guinea. Pray for the Mengen that they would grasp the joy of studying God’s Word for themselves. Read more …
  • Wednesday: The Guanano team of lesson developers forge ahead with revisions. Mario, who plays a key part in the project, wants to learn the techy side of lesson preparation. “His rationale,” writes missionary Barry Spor from Brazil, “is that if anything were to happen to Lindy or me, the Guanano church would lose all the printed resources they have helped us develop.” Pray for the missionaries as they train Mario. Read more …
  • Thursday: “In March, we took our first itinerant trip back into Dinangat,” wrote missionaries Jeremiah and April Markley from Papua New Guinea. “We were so encouraged at this time to find the Bible teachers faithfully leading and teaching.” Pray for the Dinangats as God continues to mature them, at times through hardship. Read more …
  • Friday: New Tribes Mission developed the chronological teaching method, which moves through key Bible passages, progressively revealing truths from God’s Word. It clearly teaches God’s nature and what Christ’s death and resurrection means to mankind. These lessons have been adapted for use in Sunday School classes here in America. Pray for lives to be reached and changed here in our home country. Check out the curriculum!
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August 10, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: They say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Missionary Joanna Jansma writes from the Asia-Pacific Region, “I’m not sure even a cup of sugar would be enough to make malaria medicines taste good!” In many tribal cultures, people still believe sickness comes from the spirits and do not yet understand the value of medicine. Pray for wisdom in helping the people understand. Read more …
  • Tuesday: “When I thought about coming to another country, I knew that I was going to need to change a lot to be effective in that country. We are learning how to host people in our home,” writes missionary Melissa Honebein from West Africa. “When they leave, I should insist at least once that they stay or they will think I didn’t want them here.” Pray for missionaries as they learn the cultural norms. Read more …
  • Wednesday: Even coming home can be a culture shock! Pray for missionaries like Delwyn and Arielle Griffith as they re-enter their home country. They wrote: “Waiting in line at ... airport customs we must have looked pretty funny with eyes as wide as saucers. ... Everything was dust free, immaculate and incredibly organized. It is almost as if we feel like we are in a whole new world, like foreigners but where we grew up. … God is the only way to make sense of our reverse culture shock.” Read more …
  • Thursday: ”Fear is a constant companion to the Nahuatl people and absence of fear stands out dramatically. It is standing out … in the life of Agustina, the first believer in [the village where they live]. People want to know why she’s not afraid of the spirits, of dying, of rainbows, of the thunder, and of the dark,” writes missionary Katie Moore from Mexico. Pray for Agustina’s continued testimony. Read more …
  • Friday: “Tea made from the yerba plant is a huge part of Paraguayan culture,” writes missionary Kathy Hedvall. “When it’s served hot, it’s called mate. When it’s served cold, it’s called terere. Whatever the nutritional value, offering mate or terere is a cultural expectation that communicates love and care for those who come to visit.” Pray for missionaries as they figure out how to be culturally relevant! Read more …
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August 3, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: What makes so much sense in our mother-tongue can confuse someone learning our language. Susie Locklin, missionary to West Africa, encountered this during an afternoon English class/conversation time. Susie understood immediately the difference between the English phrases “a pilot flew in the airplane” and “a pilot flew in the food.” But because the wording is the same and the meaning is very different, they confused her students. Missionaries face similar difficulties as they try to learn languages. Please pray for those who are studying language.
  • Tuesday: “So what do you get when you put water and clothes in an old man? Clean laundry!” writes missionary Promise Vaughan from Papua New Guinea. Inadvertently switching the word “box” for “old man” turned a boring explanation of how to do laundry into a hilarious story. Pray for missionaries as they try to wrap their minds and mouths around languages far different from their own.
  • Wednesday: “How do we go about learning another language anyways?” write Ric and Sharon Bruce from Thailand. “During these initial stages we’re focused on the basic sentence/word structure … to elicit words, record them and then memorize them.” Pray for missionaries as they use a variety of methods to help the language stick!
  • Thursday: Missionaries Scott and Natasha Flaugher moved to a remote village in the Asia-Pacific Region with their five children to study the culture and language of the Elseng people. They have a goal in mind: to bring them God’s message of salvation. But they are all too aware that without a strong grasp on the culture and language they can’t reach that goal. Pray for them as they juggle family life and primitive living with culture and language study.
  • Friday: Missionary Dena McMaster writes of her early days in language learning in Senegal. “I began by pointing at objects and asking, ‘What’s that?’ For a day or so everyone answered, ‘I bulu.’ That’s strange, I thought, how come everything is bulu? Turns out, bulu is the word for finger. Obviously my language learning techniques needed modification.” Pray for missionaries as they face the challenges of learning a difficult tribal language.
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July 27, 2014

Prayer Points for This Week

  • Monday: “Black magic leading to death, stealing property, causing God’s judgment on others, starting a revolt … these are some of the charges that have been leveled against the believers here in the last six weeks. Though untrue, these accusations have been damaging and at times have hindered the teaching and the meeting together,” wrote missionaries Aaron and Lori Luse. Pray for God’s strength and protection for these Patpatar believers. Read more …

  • Tuesday: Barry and Denise Spor ask prayer for 12-year-old Ronal. He suffered from abdominal attacks so painful that he would pass out. Barely eating and loss of weight complicated matters and last year he nearly died. The attacks have returned, but still no answers from medical personnel as to why. Read the original post … and an update.

  • Wednesday: “I very often find myself calling out to the Lord for wisdom in making decisions. The rugged terrain and ever-changing weather is probably the most challenging part of my ministry,” writes missionary pilot Brain Schaadt. “These combine with the pressure of urgent medical needs or trying to get tribal missionaries out to town in time for commercial flights.” Pray for missionary pilots as they face such challenges. Read more …

  • Thursday: “In these days we are church planting in new villages, the devil doesn’t like this and there is resistance. … We have a number of our believers operating in areas of great resistance, namely in the very camp of the demon-possessed shaman. And these are relatively new believers who are boldly sharing their faith,” write missionaries Simon and Annika Flanagan as they ask for prayer for the Mengen church. Read more …

  • Friday: “Computers are missionaries’ main tools,” writes missionary David Pierce. “They are used in everything -- learning culture and language, translating the Bible, writing Bible lessons, email, ordering supplies and more. The IT department at the mission center where we served in Papua New Guinea has a critical need for personnel.” Pray for new IT personnel. Read more …

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July 20, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: This week’s email portrays the darkness that many Nahuatl people still live in. Pray for Peter and Liesl Hypki as they minister to them. Lives are being changed, but there are still many without hope in Christ. Read more,
  • Tuesday: An extensive training course prepares NTM missionaries spiritually and practically to face the challenges of learning both the culture and language of tribal groups in order to be prepared to clearly present the gospel. Pray for the missionaries in culture and language study, but also for those preparing them for the task. Watch the video.
  • Wednesday: It takes three to five years for a missionary to gain fluency in a people group’s culture and language. Specialized software greatly aids and speeds the process of cataloging, organizing and reviewing audio and video recordings, photos and notes. But the current software is in great need of updating. Pray for our NTM software developers as they partner with a company to make this a reality. Please also pray for the necessary funds for this project. Read more.
  • Thursday: As we focus this week on the need for missionaries to adequately learn the culture of the people they minister to, let’s not forget to pray for those labeled as third culture kids. These are the children of missionaries who’ve grown up in another culture much different than their own. Pray for them as they return to the country of their parents and face the need to adequately learn the norms of “their own” culture. Read more.
  • Friday: When asked “Why are you here?” by the Kendawangan people, the missionaries replied, “We have a message from God.” After years of culture and language study, the missionary team of Tim and Andrea Ullum, Paul and Irene Pries, and Phil and Shelly Svoboda have now begun teaching that message. Pray for the team, the teaching, and receptive hearts. Read more.
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July 13, 2014

Prayer points for the week of July 13

  • Monday: Each summer Wayumi hosts high school students for week-long camps through its Expedition program. Ask the Lord to give Wayumi staff wisdom and grace as they invest time into those learning about missions. Pray that God works in the hearts of students to be goers and senders. Learn more.
  • Tuesday: Pray for the Wayumi guides as they share their passion and experience with visitors. Ask the Lord to make their love and excitement contagious, sparking a fire in the heart of the students. Pray that they will be able to effectively communicate the need for the Gospel to be preached to the remote places of the earth. To learn more about the ministry of the Wayumi guides, click here.
  • Wednesday: Pray for Wayumi special events such as Youth Day and Winter Quest to be powerful times of discovery and encouragement. Ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon the young people who attend. May the Lord’s heart for the lost be made known to them, and lives forever changed. Learn more about Youth Day and Winter Quest.
  • Thursday: Pray for the weekend Wayumi retreats. These shortened experiences give individuals, families and other groups a bird's-eye view of the still-unreached people of the world. Pray that the Lord will use the time to open eyes to what it takes to reach these tribes, and how they can effectively take part. Learn more.
  • Friday: Pray for the Wayumi college course and the students who attend this week-long program. These classes offer a unique opportunity for individuals to focus on the task of reaching the unreached people groups of the world, while earning college credit. Ask the Lord to bless the students and for hearts to be challenged to reach the lost. Learn more.
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July 6, 2014

Prayer points for the week of July 6

  • Monday: "During this month Rachel Chapman will be working on the translation of the book of Genesis. It is a labor-intensive process and she wants to have 500 verses completed before September. Pray that her helpers will come faithfully and that God will give her wisdom and energy for the task," writes Katie Moore, missionary to the Nahuatl people in Mexico.
  • Tuesday: Missionaries Tim and Andrea Ullum, in the Asia-Pacific region, praise the Lord for the translation check of Genesis 1-10. An experienced translator from the USA came for four intense days of working with four village friends, making sure the translation Tim had done was accurate. They ask prayer that those four tribal co-workers would continue to think through the things they heard and be impacted for eternity.
  • Wednesday: "A couple weeks ago I started rough drafting the book of Mark," wrote missionary Chris Hostetter, ministering to the Pal people of Papua New Guinea. "I started on a Friday, and though the weekend was quick to follow, I found myself not wanting to stop and break ... for the weekend." Please continue to pray for missionaries like Chris, that they will stay motivated to the task of translating.
  • Thursday: "Great news for the Patpatar translation. Madonna [Yates] just completed another final check with the translation consultant of a portion of the Patpatar Old Testament. Now nearly three-quarters of the book of Genesis is finished and ready to be printed," wrote missionaries Aaron and Lori Luse in Papua New Guinea.
  • Friday: "A translation team was formed and they invested many months ... learning our language and culture. In the process they became our dear friends. Then, just as the team was ready to start translation ... the husband of one family entered the presence of Jesus when he suffered a massive heart attack. He was only 36 years old. ... Now what will we do?" The Da'an church in the Asia-Pacific region ask prayers for Bible translators.
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June 29, 2014

Prayer points for the week of June 29:

  • Monday: Our default setting is to bypass the hard stuff—like language learning and adapting to a new culture—but it can’t be bypassed. Andy Royer, who grew up in Brazil and is back there teaching at the Bible Institute, asks prayer for his wife Sarah as she works through all the "hard stuff." They are trusting the Lord to not just survive this season of their lives, but to thrive in it.
  • Tuesday: Overcoming the monotony of the language learning process, dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed, and continually bringing your focus back onto the Lord. These are what AJ and Klarissa Backes face as they move into phase three (of four) of the Swahili language program. Pray for them!
  • Wednesday: Language study is hard work — even before you juggle it with the responsibilities of being a wife and mother, the medical needs of the villagers, and the many interruptions of life. Pray for missionary Shelly Schafer as she works hard putting in many hours to be prepared to take the phase three (of four) language check.
  • Thursday: "Part of our language training is through immersion in the language, vocabulary learning exercises, and conversation. Another part is formal grammar lessons," wrote Brian and Rachel Rich, new missionaries to Brazil. Please pray for Rachel, in particular, as she adjusts to culture and language learning with a new baby.
  • Friday: "One year ago . . . I had to drag myself out of bed every morning and mentally give myself a pep talk to ... learn the language. ... But, I can converse normally with my Pal friends now," writes missionary Chris Hostetter. Pray for NTM missionaries as they study language.
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June 22, 2014

Prayer points for the week of June 22

  • Monday: Pray for the Mwinika people of Mozambique. An NTM team is working with Mwinika men to learn their language and develop Bible lessons. Along the way, many have not only heard the Good News, but believed it. Pray for God to raise up His Church among the Mwinika people.
  • Tuesday: Pray for the North Cotes Bible College on the East Coast of England. Ask the Lord to bless the professors as they teach the Bible to their students. Pray for the families of the faculty to be encouraged and strengthened. Finally, pray for the people the graduates will be teaching on the mission field in years to come.
  • Wednesday: Astun, a Manobo Bible teacher for many years, had one request on his deathbed: that someone take his place as a Bible teacher in his village. Follow the link below to see how God has answered his prayer. Please continue to pray for more Bible teachers.
  • Thursday: Pray for Kevin and Wendy Case as they teach God’s Word to the Tepehuans tribe in Mexico. Ask the Lord for a movement of His Spirit among this people. "Lives are being changed in this place," Kevin affirms.
  • Friday: “We have cried out to the Lord for more Prai men to teach and lead the church and God is answering that prayer,” wrote Dave and Fran Jordan. Pray as lives continue to be transformed through the truths of God’s Word.
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