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October 24, 2014

Jon Leedahl lost his leg but his life was saved after a serious accident in Papua New Guinea on Oct. 15. Please pray:

  • For Jon’s healing, upcoming surgeries on both legs, and the beginning stages of physical therapy.
  • For Jon, Adie, Jaeden, Levi, and Jace and for all the dynamics in working out what family life will look like for now.
  • Praise God for the medical team in the Cairns Hospital and for the friends and family who are helping them with the physical and emotional hurdles they are facing at this time.
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October 19, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: A people group assessment is a very extensive project. After Susie Locklin was trained to conduct the work, she wrote, “We learned how to measure the criteria and how to do research. Doing this includes interviewing missionaries and pastors who know that group of people, doing … questionnaires, talking to government officials, and visiting with village chiefs.” It’s a lot of work, and it’s totally worth it. Pray as people group assessments are conducted and the first steps in church planting are taken. Read more...
  • Tuesday: The first step in church planting is figuring out the best location to strategically place teams of missionaries. For this, New Tribes Mission uses people group assessments. An initial survey in Tanzania revealed nine people groups needing further assessment. Pray for the necessary funds in order to travel to the remote villages and gather information from the people where they leave. Read more …
  • Wednesday: In 2,500 of the world’s 6,500 people groups, there is no church, nor is there any work being done to establish a church. These are the people among whom New Tribes Mission works. But what of the remaining 4,000 people groups? Pray for NTM’s people group assessment teams as they seek to determine into which areas to next send missionary teams. Read more …
  • Thursday: “The next step will be prayerfully deciding on a tribe … and start learning the tribal language,” write BJ and Jill Sanders, missionaries in Papua New Guinea, after reaching proficiency in the national language and culture. This is why people group assessments are done. They give direction to missionaries as they look at which tribes have the greatest need. Pray for the Sanders as they seek God’s will as to which tribal group to work among. And please take a moment to visit their blog and let them know you prayed.  
  • Friday: Last year, Josh and Faye Butler, missionaries to PNG, made a second survey trip to a village they were researching as a potential place for their future ministry. They have now completed the research, built a house, and settled into the village. Pray for the Butler family as they adjust to their new life, and reach out with the gospel. Also pray as more research continues around the world. At the Butlers’ blog, you can send them a note of encouragement.
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October 17, 2014

After Jon’s road accident on October 15th, and medical evacuation to Australia, we received word this morning that the surgeons had to remove Jon’s leg. Adie writes, "I've just been into see Jon. He's stable on his own support. He looks good, they are moving him to the surgical ward soon. (His leg is) gone. More surgery (will follow.) God has his leg. God has a purpose. My first thought of “why” was quickly answered with: I have a BIG plan. But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the LORD God my refuge, that I may tell of all YOUR works." Psalm 73:28 “I have given rest to the weary & joy to the sorrowing.” Jeremiah 31:25
Thank you for lifting up the Leedahl family in prayer for continued surgeries, for adjustments and decisions. Subscribe to prayer updates for ongoing prayer requests from the Leedahls and other NTM missionaries worldwide here

The Leedahl family is grateful beyond words for your prayers, encouragement, and support and has these specific prayer requests:

  • Pray for a thorough recovery for Jon from the amputation.
  • Pray for Jon’s emotional healing as he processes through the accident and recovery ahead.
  • Pray for rest and comfort for Adie as she continues being strong by Jon’s side.
  • Pray for the doctors to have wisdom and discernment.

For further updates, read the Leedahls' blog HERE.

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October 16, 2014

Jon Leedahl was stabilized through the night of October 15th (local time) in Papua New Guinea and flown to Australia the morning of the 16th. His wife, Adie, reported that he was evaluated by the doctors there and the first concern was Jon’s right leg which is badly broken. After surgery we learned that they have been able to save his leg so far, but are still concerned with ongoing complications for that leg and his other injuries.  Adie expressed appreciation for each person taking the time to pray for them. Thank you for your continued prayers for Jon, the family and for wisdom for the medical team.

For further updates, read the Leedahls' blog HERE.

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October 15, 2014

Wednesday afternoon the 15th of October (local time) in Papua New Guinea, NTM Aviation pilot, Jon Leedahl, was involved in a road accident on his way home from the hangar where he had been working.  He sustained serious injuries to his right leg and is in stable but serious condition at the SIL clinic in PNG.  The plan is to evacuate him in the morning to Australia where he can receive further medical treatment.  His wife Adie will accompany him and their children will stay with close friends.  Please pray for Jon, Adie and their family.

For further updates, read the Leedahls' blog HERE.

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October 12, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: “Even though we are not in Brazil, the country and the work of the mission is still very much a part of our lives,” write missionaries Calvin and Gwen Taylor. “The technology of the day permits me to keep in constant communication with my team. The corrections on the translated texts go back and forth between the two countries with a click of a mouse.” Pray for Calvin as he translates from a distance due a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Pray that the doctors can find medications that meet his needs without haven’t significant side effects. At the Taylors’ blog, you can drop Calvin a note to tell him to you prayed for him.
  • Tuesday: God is still in the business of miracles. Lance and Laura Ostman are praising the Lord for the provision of round trip tickets to the Philippines at half the usual cost. With tickets in hand, they have plans for a six-month trip in the coming year to continue translation work on the Higaunon Old Testament. Pray for safety on their trip and good progress with the translation. Go to the Ostmans’ blog to follow their progress.
  • Wednesday: We often pray for missionary translators, but do we remember to pray for their tribal co-translators? David and Shirley Diepenbrock, missionaries in Papua New Guinea, understand and appreciate the importance of their Ivanga co-translators. “Their commitment to the translation was a huge encouragement to us,” they wrote after a joint effort was made to complete the final check on Luke 6-16 with experienced translator Ned Beall. Let’s keep the translators, co-translators and the experienced missionaries who help them in our prayers. Would you please take a moment to visit the Diepenbrocks’ blog and send a note of encouragement to the translation team?
  • Thursday: The excitement is building. Jim and Judy Burdett, missionaries to Papua New Guinea, are pleased to say that the translation of the Dom New Testament is complete. This precious New Testament has been sent on to NTM Communications for layout and proofing before being sent to the printer. Pray that all goes smoothly in the proofing, layout and printing process. Follow the progress at the Burdetts’ blog, or the blog of one of the missionaries proofreading.
  • Friday: Growing up as a missionary kid among the Punans, Rachel Searcy had a heart for this people group. She returned as a missionary herself and has spent the past seven years translating God’s Word into their language. The translation team has finished 30 percent of the New Testament and Genesis, as well as the portions needed for the first phase of chronological Bible lessons. Pray for the team as they continue with the translation. Read more …
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October 5, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: “Now Diana and I work as Mission Mobilizers,” writes missionary Randy Smyth. “There are unreached people groups; and there are God’s people who are able to reach them with the Good News. … We work to bridge the gap between the two.” Pray for those mission representatives who are letting the needs be known and challenging others to give their lives to missionary service. Visit their blog and let them you know prayed for them.
  • Tuesday: It’s not just the American or European church that is being challenged with missions. At the end of a service on missions in Quillacollo, missionary Jack Nugter had the privilege of praying for four young Bolivians who expressed their desire to become missionaries. Pray for these young people. If you go to Jack’s blog, you can sign up to follow his ministry.
  • Wednesday: Pray that the Interface program will continue to be a tool used by God to challenge people into full-time service. Here’s what missionaries Geoff and Shannon Husa have to say: “God used the experience [of Interface] to whet our appetites and show us, most importantly, that if we step out in faith He will sustain us in all He has for us! Our experience with Interface … was a decisive turning point for us and was a huge part of what led us here to serve in Papua New Guinea.”  Read more …
  • Thursday: “Our focus at the moment is more laborers,” write Randy and Diana Smyth. “Please pray for opportunities to communicate and for hearts prepared to listen as we share about God’s plan for the world. … Since faith comes by hearing the Word of God which is carried by messengers who are sent, we must find people who are willing to be the messengers.” You can write them a note of encouragement with the contact form on their blog.
  • Friday: The Wayumi retreat experience gives a bird’s eye view of the still-unreached people of the world. It opens eyes to what it takes to reach these tribes with the gospel message. Pray that God would continue to challenge people into missions through this venue. Read more …
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September 28, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: “Here we are still in tribal language and culture study … wondering when we will get to the point when we’ll be able to share the gospel with our friends, the Ga’dang people,” write Chuck and Shannon Talbot, missionaries in the Philippines. “As we look at the mountain of work ahead of us in learning their language and culture … we feel lost and discouraged many days.” Could you take a moment and pray for encouragement for missionaries like the Talbots? And visit their blog to send them a note to say you prayed.
  • Tuesday: “We just finished our first week of NCLA (national culture and language acquisition) and it was quite a busy one!” write Brent and Erica Haberchak, new missionaries to Papua New Guinea. “A typical week in language study will be Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a few of those mornings spent out in surrounding villages, developing relationships and making fools of ourselves … er, learning language.” Pray for Brent and Erica as they learn the national language. Will you also take a moment to visit their blog and send them a note of encouragement?
  • Wednesday: “Currently we are at 61 percent of our monthly support and we need to be at 75 percent [by the end of June] to leave,” wrote Nathaniel and Danielle Shrift in May. It seemed an impossibility — except for God. By July they were able to write, “We now have 76 percent of our recommended support, enough to get the ‘green light’ from our mission leadership to head out!” Praise God with the Shrifts — and pray for them as they head to Brazil to begin culture and language study. Their journey has just begun. At their blog, you can send them a note to say you prayed or give them a gift.
  • Thursday: Culture and language acquisition isn’t an easy task. That’s why New Tribes Mission prepares missionaries ahead of time at our Missionary Training Center. There, missionary candidates are taught the complex concepts involved in tribal church planting so that they can effectively learn to communicate cross-culturally. Pray for missionary candidates as they absorb many new concepts. Read more …
  • Friday: “I have always heard … that when tribal people hear God’s Word in their heart language it sets their hearts on fire,” wrote BJ Sanders, missionary to Papua New Guinea. “Well, tonight I witnessed that. They were excited to hear me teach Hebrews 8 [in Melanesian Pidgin]. But, when Andrew read ... Hebrews 8 in the tribal language, they were oohing and awing over it. … Wow! This just confirms that while we could ‘get by’ with Pidgin, to effectively reach tribal people ... they must be taught in their heart language.” Pray for missionaries to stay motivated to learn difficult tribal languages. If you go to BJ’s blog, you can send him a message of encouragement too.
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September 21, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: “We’ve dealt with a lot of discouragement regarding the slow or no fruit we have seen so far as we’ve been teaching,” write Tim and Andrea Ullum, missionaries in Asia-Pacific. “But then we remember that a farmer who plants his seeds does not see the growth for quite awhile. It’s a lot about perspective.” Pray that missionaries like Tim and Andreal remain encouraged and have patience for the long haul. Read more …
  • Tuesday: For many years missionaries and Bible teachers have used high-quality illustrations that have proven valuable among preliterate or newly literate people groups. However, many of the illustrations need to be changed to better fit the lessons, or in order to be clearly understood by people who are not accustomed to illustrations. We have developed 210 pictures depicting biblical events included in the Firm Foundations curriculum, which will be available in two sizes. With funding, we will move forward with the paper, printing, laminating and packaging. Pray for the necessary funding. Read more …
  • Wednesday: “There was a death in the community just a few days ago,” wrote Chris and Maggie Hostetter, missionaries to the Pal people in Papua New Guinea. “A middle-aged lady got sick and within a few short weeks passed from this world. This is hard for our team to see, especially now as we’re coming close to the day when we’ll begin teaching them God’s Word.” Pray for the missionaries as they soon begin teaching, and that the Pal people will have receptive hearts. Read more …
  • Thursday: The students will now be the teachers! Francois and Nadia Hattingh, missionaries in Mozambique, ask prayer for Abar and Liberty, the first Mwinika missionaries to another village. “As soon as he [Abar] moves his family to Alana’s village, he will start teaching literacy classes. Later he will also teach the first cycle of chronological Bible teaching in this village. Pray for these Mwinika missionaries. Read more …
  • Friday: “Our well is one of the few that still has water. … As long as there is water in our well, we will freely give to our friends and neighbors,” write Stephen and Ginger Jordan, missionaries in the Philippines. “Some of the Agutaynens who come for water are already attending evangelistic Bible studies. However, most of them only want the physical water that we offer. Please pray for open hearts and a thirst for the Living Water.” Read more …
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September 14, 2014

Prayer Points For This Week

  • Monday: At New Tribes Bible Institute, students experience the passion God has for the world. NTBI instructors share this passion as students prepare to be Christ’s ambassadors wherever God takes them. It is a place where Bible education and missions are one. Pray for the instructors as they seek to pass on their knowledge, and for the students as they respond. Read more …
  • Tuesday: If you were dropped off in a remote land today and told to plant a church among an unreached tribe, would you know where to start? Most likely it would be quite a challenge. That’s why the Missionary Training Center takes time to prepare individuals for life as tribal church planters. Sending missionaries off with a full toolbox, including how to begin documenting an unknown culture and language, helps missionaries serve more effectively once they arrive overseas. Pray for those in training to grow in wisdom and understanding so that they can be effective ministers of the gospel. Read more …
  • Wednesday: Training is more than just academics. It is also highly practical. The student is taught about solar power, water purification, basic medical procedures and even plumbing. These skills are a great asset when an individual or family makes the move to a remote village. Pray for the candidates as they absorb their training. For some, adopting the new skills comes naturally; for others, it’s a stretch. Read more … and Tech Training pictures ...
  • Thursday: Missionaries-in-training Ryan and Kirsten Kurvits write of their “jungle camp” experience. “As part of the training … we spent two weeks building ‘homes’ that we would live in for four weeks. We were only allowed to use wood poles, plastic, twine, duct tape, and hand drilling for the construction of our house. This … does not mean that we will be living in plastic houses when we go overseas, but to simulate living in a totally different environment.” Pray for the students openness and flexibility as they face new and challenging situations throughout the training program. Read more …
  • Friday: Growth doesn’t stop just because the missionary graduated. Even after arrival on the field, continued training is necessary, and the NTM missionary receives it. This comes in a variety of ways, from seminars and training sessions to guidance from experienced missionaries and consultant visits. Please pray for missionaries as they continue to be lifelong learners. Read more …
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September 7, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: Translator Rachel Chapman in Mexico was trying to express something new in Nahuatl, but her first attempt brought a funny look to her translation helper’s face. Instead of saying “God looked favorably on man,” Rachel had said, “God ate the man.” Failing to pronounce one “h” changed the meaning greatly. Pray for NTM translators. Read more …
  • Tuesday: Missionaries Lance and Laura Ostman have made three trips back to the Philippines since transitioning to the USA. They continue to work on the Old Testament translation from their US home. Pray for Lance as he works on the first draft of Isaiah. Read more …
  • Wednesday: “This time we are privileged to be a part of helping do some flights for a Bible dedication,” write missionaries Joel and Missy Davis in the Philippines. Seeing the translation become a printed Bible is a monumental moment for both missionaries and tribal believers alike. Pray for the upcoming Bible dedications. Read more …
  • Thursday: As he held his brand new Palawano New Testament in his hand and wiped tears from his eyes, Abil, one of the church leaders, testified, “This book is a treasure to us worth more than gold or money. We are so thankful to our white uncle that God sent to us to bring us God’s Word in our own language so that now we can read it and understand it for ourselves.” Pray for the Palawano church in the Philippines. Read more …
  • Friday: Rachel Searcy, missionary to the Punan people in the Asia-Pacific region, has been translating the Punan Bible for seven years now. “We have 30 percent of the New Testament and Genesis,” she writes, “as well as the portions needed for the first phase of chronological Bible lessons.” Pray for Rachel, and the entire Punan Bible translation team, as they continue working to bring a clear and accurate translation to the Punan people. Read more …
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September 4, 2014

God has provided once again through His people to furnish this new Kodiak. What a tool it will be to sustain missionary teams in harsh regions as they bring Christ to tribal villages! It’s not a surprise that missionaries are glad the Kodiak fleet of three is 2/3 reality! Besides carrying supplies, the Kodiak can also do medevacs, bringing great peace of mind to missionary families living in remote areas. To the most outlying locations where NTM serves, the Kodiak could make an emergency round trip flight without refueling. For critical medical cases, it can make the over-water flight to Australia. Don’t stop praying for the Kodiaks to be positioned as lifelines to bring the gospel to remote tribes. Kodiak #1 is nearing its final stages of preparation. Kodiak #2 will need all the same outfitting – the HF radio, satellite tracking system, other equipment and tools, ferry flight, and paperwork—and finances to cover all those items.

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August 31, 2014

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: “The missionaries we serve live in the deep jungle. There is no grocery store in there. There isn’t even a convenience store. … Everything they need, aside from a few fruits and veggies, comes in on the airplane,” write Joel and Missy Davis, missionaries in the Philippines. Pray for safety for missionary pilots. Read more …
  • Tuesday: Earlier this month, a Cessna 206 rolled off the side of remote runway in Papua New Guinea, sustaining significant damage. This incident comes just as NTM Aviation is shifting its flight operations in Papua New Guinea from Cessna airplanes to the new Kodiaks. “The urgency of completing this Kodiak in our hangar and getting it to Papua New Guinea is greater now than ever,” said Phil Koop, NTM Aviation’s executive director. Please pray for the additional funding still needed and for a smooth process in getting the Kodiak completed and delivered. Read more on this incident ... Read of God’s provision for the first Kodiak …
  • Wednesday: “Charlie Patton and Joel Rich … are finalizing plans for its transcontinental flight,” writes NTM Aviation about the Cessna 206 slated for Brazil. “A hangar for the plane, and housing for Joel Rich and his family, are in the works.” Pray this plane to Brazil, where it is well-suited for the needs of the new flight program there. Read more … and more ….
  • Thursday: NTM Aviation desperately needs faithful and committed flight sponsors as more and more national missionaries need flight service. “Our ability to serve them is dependent on low-cost flying,” said Phil Koop, Executive Director of NTM Aviation. “This is the wonderful new reality in missions around the world. The [developing] world and tribal church is now serving with us.” Pray for sponsors to join our Flight Crew program. Read more …
  • Friday: Missionary pilot Steffan Pyle saw God use relief efforts, after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, to open hearts: “A village I flew for was closed to the gospel in the past. They were not interested in a Bible teacher, until they saw that the Christians were the only ones helping them in their time of need. … When we showed up with relief supplies, they told the pastor that they wanted him to come and begin teaching them the Bible!” Pray for this village as missionaries make plans to teach there. Read more …
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August 30, 2014

Mt. Tavurur in Papua New Guinea, near Rabaul, erupted on Friday, August 29th local time. We have been monitoring that situation closely. NTM does not have any members who are in danger from this eruption, but we ask for prayer for the local citizens who are affected. Local news sources are saying that there are no reports of injuries, but the ash will be a problem for some. We are continuing to monitor the area. Thank you for joining us in prayer for the people of that region.

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August 27, 2014

All New Tribes Mission USA personnel in Liberia and Guinea are leaving those countries as soon as flights are available because of the Ebola epidemic there. NTM made this decision because of the increasing difficulty of transiting out of those countries. We would appreciate your prayer for our families in transition as a result of these decisions and also for the people of Guinea and Liberia who are dealing with the Ebola crisis.

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