One Minute Audio Stories

They grip their pencils with calloused, dirty hands, carefully scratching out words in a language that few can understand, and fewer still can read...

The Dao people were celebrating Christmas like you've never seen before...

My people live way back up in the jungle hills...

A witchdoctor came to Kariana…

“What happens when you’re not ready and a tiger comes?”

Her heart skipped in anticipation.

A fire destroyed his home, and Clayborn wanted to leave.

The Tugutil believers had never seen a baptism before.

The Konyagi villagers handed Bonere a list of forty-one names...

He’d say “Who is God!?!?"

The other clan was furious.

Most people had recovered.

Business people started scheming.

Wobre was still confused.

Pedro soon changed his mind.

I only knew the worship and fear of ancestral spirits.

The believers hiked through the mountain.

He was sick with malaria.

Sometimes she runs away.

The Mwinika men were excited to finally hear God's list of rules, but as they helped translate the Ten Commandments, they began to cry...