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It is essential that the Northern Tepehuan people have God's living Word in a language they can truly understand.

The all-night dance has to work!

Summary: Chris and Rachel Thomas feel warmly welcomed by the Northern Tepehuan people.

Bible translator Kevin Case needs a number of Northern Tepehuans who can make time to help him make a good translation in their language.

Matthew and Starr Arnold are spending time this weekend launching a new audio teaching program for the Northern Tepehuans. Firm Foundations Bible lessons and praise songs have been downloaded onto small MP3 players. “We are hopeful for a lot of interest in this new way to hear the teaching,” Matt wrote. “Please pray with us that the people will be excited about having Bible teaching available in this way. If all goes well, we will continue into the next phase of this strategy and provide more teaching, scripture reading, and praise music for the Tepehuan believers.”

The power of God’s Word even in the midst of the Bible translation process encouraged a Northern Tepehuan believer in Mexico.

Kevin Case has been able to work on translating Luke and Galatians into the Northern Tepehuan language, but needs additional Tepehuan co-workers. “This is a big prayer request as it is hard to move forward without input from the people themselves on the passages already prepared,” wrote Kevin and his wife, Wendy. Pray that they can find someone in the city where they live, in order to make steady progress without an often-dangerous trip to a tribal village.

On a trip to a Northern Tepehuan village this month, Kevin Case delivered printed translations of John, 1 Corinthians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus and Revelation in the Northern Tepehuan language. Thank God for the progress on translation and the availability of His Word for the Northern Tepehuan people. Pray for Kevin as he translates Luke and Galatians.

“Your prayers were answered,” wrote Kevin and Wendy Case. “The final check of Revelation in the Tepehuan language is now history. Kevin has been plugging in a few final changes. After a review of those changes the book will be ready for print. This has been a long process for this book, but because of God’s grace, it is now completed. Thank you for praying.” The final check of Luke comes next – please continue to pray.

Kevin Case needs to get together with Tepehuans to do the final check of Revelation. He has started translating Galatians back to English, which will allow a missionary experienced with Bible translation to check it to be sure the Tepehuan translation contains the concepts conveyed in the original text. The rough draft of Luke is ready for the Case’s teammate, Matt Arnold, to check. And Kevin is starting on the first draft of Philippians. Pray for Kevin to have stamina, wisdom and clarity as he works on so many different books in order to keep the translation moving forward.

Though Matt and Starr Arnold cannot currently live in a Northern Tepehuan village, the people are trusting God to enable them to carry on the ministry.

Some Northern Tepehuan women in Mexico joined the family.

Encouragement, medical help, songs and even potatoes demonstrated His work among the Northern Tepehuans.

Starr Arnold and Shirley Bauman have taught five women for months, leading up to these final lessons.

Fear will not be a factor when Northern Tepehuan believers in Mexico name their soon-to-be-born child.

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