By Pat Hendrix, IHART Coordinator

The Independent Historical Abuse Response Team (IHART) has named its third investigative team. This team will investigate historic reports of child abuse at NTM's school in Panama.

A six-member team of investigators will be led and supervised by Robert Davis, a 35-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who retired as the supervisor of operations in all of northern Idaho. Robert has extensive experience in a wide variety of investigative specialties including all phases of child safety investigations and currently is a contractor for a world-wide, faith-based security firm as well as assisting with safety and security for the Salvation Army Kroc Center of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

As case manager and lead investigator he will be assisted by a team of six carefully selected, multi-talented, individuals who bring diversity and a wealth of experience, and who have been specifically trained for this assignment. This team is larger than other teams in hopes that the size of the team will reduce the length of the investigation.

If you have any questions or reports in regard to Panama or any other NTM-related schools, please contact Pat Hendrix at