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POSTED ON April 16, 2012
  by Dena McMaster

Missionary Mike Mikolavich visited the missionary training centers in Missouri and in Canada. Both visits helped him see the hearts of those being prepared for ministry.

“They are being equipped to develop healthy, loving relationships with people in the countries God will send them to and acquire fluency in the  … trade languages of those countries,” wrote Mike.

“Some will then become part of teams in [existing] works in different people groups which are in desperate need of more teammates. Others will enter new people groups who do not have access to God and His Word in their own heart language.

“[While still] others will enter what is often called ‘support ministries’, being the hands and feet, eyes, … so those who live and minister in remote people groups will be able to do all that is needed to see Christ’s church birthed and then built up to healthy maturity.”

Mike discovered that the students were not just interested in their future ministries but were focused on abiding in Christ and giving of themselves as instruments of His righteousness so that the Holy Spirit is able to energize and enable them to glorify Him. They realize that as the fruit of the Spirit flows out of them they will be able to draw others unto Christ.

So it’s not about being an awesome translator or Bible teacher or pilot or supply buyer – it is about walking in the Spirit and evidencing the fruit of the Spirit consistently. One is not effective without the ministry of grace.

“I was so impressed with the hearts I listened to,” Mike wrote.

Several students were definitely interested in serving in Papua New Guinea where Mike serves while others were heading for different countries. Please pray for those who are being equipped for the work of the ministry and for those who are equipping them that all of this will fulfill His purposes. 

Find out how you can train to be a missionary.

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