New car a blessing

POSTED ON January 23, 2012
  by Dena McMaster

A new car for missionaries Daniel and Stephanie Dias became a blessing for Guinean missionaries .

When the Lord provided for Daniel and Stephanie to buy a new four-wheel-drive vehicle, they sold their old vehicle and gave the money to the Syllas, a Guinean family serving as missionaries. The Syllas were able to purchase a small car and begin building a new house for their missionary team in Guinea.

After helping the team in Guinea to further their ministry, Stephanie and Daniel began preparing their vehicle for a trip through West Africa to visit villages that need a Gospel outreach.

“We had several upgrades to make on our car,” wrote Daniel. “This has truly been our 'home' while on the road.  We just put four new tires on it, but other than that, we haven't had any major mechanical issues.”

Pray for Stephanie and Daniel as they travel through West Africa and as they help missionaries to further their efforts to reach people with the Gospel.

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