By Pat Hendrix, IHART Coordinator

The investigation into past child abuse at Vianopolis school in Brazil began in June and continues.

Independent Historical Abuse Review Team investigators have interviewed several abuse survivors, as well as people who served in NTM leadership, and others who served at the school, in Brazil and at NTM USA’s home office. In August, two investigators went to Brazil to conduct interviews and get an idea of the layout of the school.

The Independent Historical Abuse Review Team has also received all of NTM’s files on historical child abuse cases in Bolivia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama and one additional country in the Asia-Pacific Region. Investigations will begin as investigators are in place. Experienced investigators are being recruited, interviewed and oriented.

I’m pleased with the progress. It takes time to recruit, interview and orient experienced investigators, but as more are added, things will progress more quickly in other cases.

If you have information regarding abuse at any of the NTM schools please contact Pat Hendrix at or 1-407-304-8476.