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Richard and Wendy Rees are working in the Karen community to physically help people in hopes of opening doors spiritually.

Chi, a Karen believer, was trying to teach a Bible lesson at Granddad Ha’s house, and others wanted to listen, but Chi had trouble getting a word in.

September 21, 2011 | Current News, Prayer, Thailand, Karen People

Granddad Ha can’t seem to separate biblical teaching from his people’s traditional religious systems.

Pray for Richard Rees as he learns the culture and language of the Karen people. “I am still working on discourse analysis. … I am seeing that there are patterns and ways of communicating that I had not realized before and are necessary for clear communication,” Richard wrote. “As hard as it may be, the analysis will be an important tool as we move on to teaching lesson development, Bible translation, teaching and discipleship.”

May 10, 2011 | Thailand, Prayer, Karen People

Every time Leigh and Lea Betts hear about fires, snake bites or how to bury an elephant, it adds to their ability to communicate clearly with the Karen people.

Richard Rees and other missionaries in Thailand learned key elements of communication during an advanced language workshop.

February 28, 2011 | Current News, Prayer, Thailand, Karen People

Karen believers in Thailand are encouraging Jo to stay true to his belief in Christ when dealing with the death of his father.

Jo was one of the first among his people to place their faith in Christ.

Among the Karen tribe in Thailand, missionary Richard Rees is learning that knowing about rice is a vital part of knowing the culture and language of the people.

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