One Minute Audio Stories

Porida was nervous. He knew what was expected of him...

It had come alive...

Kamalus’ stomach churned when he received the piece of vine.

Pale and thin, Kalesia could barely stand.

Juana's newborn son didn't have a name.

She sobbed, "I don't want to marry him!"

Ayaioma just couldn’t sit still.

That was no ordinary dog . It was a busaw.

Piyato and four other Moi hunters squatted down in the village...

In the tiny, tidy house, everything had its place.

March 18, 2013 | One Minute Audio Stories

A lung sickness spread through the Hewa village.

Fallen trees rested on the jungle slope.

Gumen was tired of being deceived.

Penita's aunt got her goat.

"I'm terrified…this Creator God is more powerful than our Tobo gods."

Her name is Ara.

Sule forbade his daughter to attend the Bible teaching.

Most Simbari men would hit their wives back.

Their meeting had to be kept secret...

"I think you have fed me lies, Papa..."