Hearing the testimonies of new believers is a time of great joy, but also great danger and challenge.

After a long wait, it becomes increasingly clear that God’s planting and harvesting timetables are perfect.

All of us must face death. The question is, will we face it with hope? And will we share our hope?

The Wayumi campus gives visitors an inside look at what life is like for missionaries serving in tribal villages.

Bible translation isn't simply a matter of swapping out words. Sometimes words or even concepts don't exist in another culture and language.

What kind of people translate the Bible? Why do they do it? Could you join the team as a Bible translator? The answers may surprise you.

The Bible never commands us to translate His Word into other languages. Why do we do it then?

July 1, 2014 | NTM@work Magazine, Colombia

Not too many years ago the Siawi language was not written. It didn't even have an alphabet. Yet now Siawi church leaders are faithfully teaching God’s written Word to a congregation of eager learners.

Learning language well enough to teach deep Biblical truths is a long and sometimes uncomfortable process.

Understanding cultural fears comes by listening to not just words, but hearts.

It’s essential to make wise decisions about placing missionaries strategically.

June 17, 2014 | Current News, Africa

God has used the college-level course in Papua New Guinea to redirect lives.

Obstacles to beginning a flight program to support missionaries in remote locations are being surmounted.

One man's journey marks the beginning of NTM Aviation.

By the traditions of Nahuatl culture, Humberto had every right to shoot back.

The struggles for new believers in Christ remind Aaron Luse of his newborn daughter's needs.

It’s a hard season--will you pray for the Mankins family and their Tobo co-workers?

Teaching people to read is a key element of establishing a maturing church.

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