Child protection

NTM USA’s current safeguards and policies are up to date with World Health Organization standards and are reviewed regularly. NTM USA strives to keep children safe by reducing situations of risk, having accountability for adults in contact with children, and training members in our child protection policies.

Child Safety Training for Members

NTM USA trains all new members with a course that meets industry standards in the area of child safety. This training focuses on ways to reduce risk for children and increase accountability of adults in contact with children.

Additionally, NTM USA offers child safety training to parents and children at our Missionary Training Center based on the Safe Child program. You can view this program at

In an effort to make sure children are protected in every way possible, child care workers within NTM USA receive specialized training beyond the requirements for regular members.

All NTM USA members, associate members, employees, interns, and students must annually review NTM’s policy manual which includes child safety policies.

Safeguards and Policies

Keeping children safe within NTM USA begins with our screening process. All applicants for NTM USA membership, both career and associate, must undergo background checks.  All employees of legal age and interns also undergo background checks.

A portion of NTM USA’s safeguards includes policies that govern situations in which adults are in contact with children who are not their own.  Some of these policies are:

  • Two unrelated adults are required to be present at all times in childcare.
  • Classrooms are open to visits by administrators and staff at all times, and such visits are to be carried out without warning.
  • NTM USA policy does not permit corporal punishment in NTM USA childcare or NTM-operated school situations.

Sometimes living cross-culturally requires different safeguards for children than are necessary in their home country. Specialized training is given to help our missionaries learn to exercise situational awareness and use appropriate safeguards as they move their family into another culture. We want to help our members’ families live safely in whatever host culture becomes their new home.

Historical Reviews


In order to ensure that children are protected to the best of our abilities, and to address any outstanding issues from past abuse, New Tribes Mission USA is sponsoring independent reviews of all past reports of child abuse that occurred in NTM settings. Find out more.